Starship Modeler's 1998 Starfury Contest

White Knight 4

By Phil Bolton

This ship, #TF-381 was the mount of Lt. Tamara Vanous. Before resigning in 2259, she'd served 3 consecutive tours aboard the Destroyer EAS Britannia. Markings of the ship's Black Knight and White Knight Squadrons were simple shields such as this, although Squadron Leaders and their XO's wore full Coat-of-Arms designs.

Tammy's 26 'kills' put her far down on the list of Earth Alliance's many 'Aces'. However, they were enough to make her the second highest scoring female pilot in Earth Alliance history.

The shield on the model looks slightly foreshortened in this shot, due to an unfortunate camera angle. The design was painted with enamels, applied over tape and paper stencils, with a border of black ink. Weathering is powdered black pastel.

White Knight by Phil Bolton

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