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TRON Recognizer Paper Model

By Marco Scheloske - images & text © 2003

Here it is - a free paper-model of the "Recognizer" from the mother of all CGI-movies: TRON.

Two versions are available here: One full colored (so that you`ll have a finished model after you glued the parts together) and one outlined (for those of you who want to paint it on their own or who want to just use the parts as templates for a sheet styrene one).

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The completed model is approximately 20 x 20 cm (7¾" x 7¾"). This picture shows the uncolored prototype (some details that are involved in the final kit (at the head and the cockpit) are missing), and a small preview of the printing sheets. Unfortunately my cat destroyed the final and colored version I built before I could have taken pictures...

The kit contains 4 sheets in the format DIN A4 (210 x 297 mm) plus 4 additional sheets for the instruction. The colors are taken from the vector-version, which means red outlines with black body.

For the best fit of the parts it is recommended to glue them edge to edge - that is the reason why NO gluing tabs are drawn on the sheets. The sheets should be printed on thick card for that purpose. If you prefer working with gluing tabs you must make them on your own, what can be done easily because there is enough blank space between the parts.

One little warning: The kit is an ink-killer because of the massive black areas! As an alternative to print the model on your own i can offer to sell high-quality offset printed ones on request which I produced in a small number. Send me an eMail if you are interested in such a print.

Click here to dowload the full color version (Acrobat PDF format)

Click here to dowload the un-colored version (Acrobat PDF format)

Click here to dowload a base designed for this model (Acrobat PDF format)

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First posted on 13 March 2003. Last updated on 10 May 2003.