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B5 Wars Miniatures Reviews Part II: Narn Capital Ships

By Terry Miesle - copyright © 1998.

T'Loth Assault Cruiser / G'Quon Heavy Cruiser / Bin'Tak Dreadnought / Dag'Kar and Thentus

Narn Dag'Kar Missile Frigate and Thentus Destroyer

The Dag'Kar is a small, single-piece miniature. It is designed with the same philosophy as the G'Quon and Bin'Tak, two side hulls and a central section with primary weapons and engines. The Dag'Kar is a support vessel, used in planetary bombardment, and stand-off mine and missile launching.

The Thentus is similarly a single-piece cast miniature. It is more similar in design to the T'Loth Assault Cruiser, with a more substantial central hull. This is a general use light cruiser with long duration.

As these minis are so basic, the painting guide will be in a list form, no unexpected techniques were used. There were no surprises or tricks involved.

Cleanup and Preparation.

Both minis were cleaned with dish soap and warm water, as usual. Any flash was removed and the minis inspected for miscast areas. These were very well cast, with no glaring errors. I did drill out the engines and remove small nubs of excess metal, though these were minimal. Both minis were airbrushed with Tamiya Flat White as primer.


Dag'Kar: I decided to paint this in a similar finish to the G'Quon.

  • Hull Red: Tamiya Flat Red
  • Hull Black: Micron drafting pen and Testor's Model Master (TMM) Flat Black
  • Hull White/ Primer: Tamiya Flat White
  • Hull bordering: TMM Steel
  • Side Hull interior: Tamiya Flat Light Grey
  • Engine and Missile Tubes: 50% TMM Chrome Silver, 50% Testor's Metalizer Exhaust
  • Hull triangular details: TMM Chrome Silver, overcoated with Tamiya Clear Green.

[Side View]

AoG's Narn Dag'Kar and Thentus by Terry Miesle




I did not use any weathering techniques, but used the Micron drafting pen to differentiate the grey and steel colors, add some panel details, and provide separation between missile tubes.


  • Primer: Tamiya Flat white
  • Dark Blue: Tamiya Flat Blue
  • Medium Blue: 50% Tamiya Flat Blue 50% Tamiya Flat White
  • Interior Trim: TMM Steel
  • Engine and Bridge "Wings": 50% TMM Chrome Silver, 50% Testor's Metalizer Exhaust
  • Side Hull Panels: Tamiya Flat White base coat, with Tamiya X-5 Green, then lightned green drybrushing.
  • Engine Nozzle: TMM Flat Black

The Micron drafting pen was used to provide color differentiation, and panel line marking.

Conclusion and observations:

Nothing out of the ordinary occurred during the painting of these minis. They are two solid designs from the Narn-Centauri War supplement from AOG, and will be joined shortly by several other designs. We are amassing a small battle fleet of Narn and Centauri vessels.

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