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Hot off the presses - the following is the latest scoop we've been able to uncover. If you know something we don't, drop us a line and let us in on the secret! This page may take a longer time to load than others on the site. Wherever possible, we try to get you images to accompany our news to show you what's happening on the sci-fi/real space modeling horizon.

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JJ-Prise Kit from Revell Germany

Revell (Germany) displayed their new 1:500 scale USS Enterprise from the rebooted Star Trek movie universe at this February's European Toy Fair in Nurenburg. The model will be released in Europe in May with an expected retail price of €34.99. (~$47.00USD/ $47.10CAD). (via

Revell does not have a license to sell these in the US, so at this time, the only way to get one will be to order from European retailers. 02/2013


iHobby 2012 was held in Cleveland, OH 11-14 October 2012. Here's the sci-fi model kit news and updates from the companies that attended:

Round 2:

Round 2 displayed the 1/350 original series Enterprise (which we've all seen by now) along with final versions of the lighting kit, photo etch set and weathering decals. These should be available to the general public by the end of the year (or so my sources are telling me) - after the 1701 Club participants get theirs.

In other Trek news, they announced a 1/2500 scale 3-ship set of TOS Enterprise, Romulan Warbird and Klingon D-7 to complement the previously-announced 1/2500 Movie-era Refit, Reliant and K'tinga set. The 1/1000 Klingon Battlecruiser will be reissued in Romulan markings, and the 1/1000 NX-01 will return in "refit" configuration (ie, with an underslung secondary hull). The larger movie-era K'tinga is slated for reissue too, with some upgraded parts. In something of a surprise, R2 will also be reissuing the classic TOS Enterprise Bridge kit too, with resculpted figures, including seated Uhura and mix-and-match heads. Other (as yet unspecified) improvements are also being considered. Lastly, the 1/350 NX-01 will be reissued as well, probably after the K'tinga.

Round 2 have also acquired a license for the Alien/Aliens franchise. First up is a reissue of the old (and not at all bad) MPC 1/8 Alien figure. After that, new subjects are being discussed. What these may be is speculative, but they are not going to be "repops" of the old Halycon kits.

Another former MPC kit being reissued is the old Vostok rocket - which could be built to fly or display. Previously announced, and still scheduled for release, are a new-tool 1/144 C-57D from Forbidden Planet, along with a reissue of Robby the Robot (this time carrying an Altira figure), a new Superman figure, and 1/25 Christine from the Steven King book/movie.

Finally, The two Dark Shadows kits (Barnabas the Vampire & The Werewolf) are being reissued as a two figure set, this time with new resin replacement heads. The Wicked Witch and Flying Monkey announced at Wonderfest are also still in development.

Moebius Models:

The biggest news is that Moebius is planning a 1/6 Lost in Space (classic) Robot B9 kit. An early test shot buildup was on display. Should be easily as tall as their recent Cylon Centurion... hmmm. There's a "rock-em-sock-em-robots" fight I'd like to see.

Also on display was a completed test shot of the Battlestar Pegasus from the re-imagined series. This may be available by the end of this year Paragrafix already plans a brass sheet with alternate ship names for this kit. Finished versions of all the Battlestar kits released to date are in the works; the completed Viper Mk 2 was on display at the booth. The previously-announced 1/32 Raptor, original series Viper and Raider, as well as original series Galactica, are all still in progress.

In Batman news, Moebius' 1/25 Dark Knight figures and 1/8 Catwoman on Batpod are in production. The previously announced Batmobile Tumbler is still being worked on, and will be released under the Dark Knight Rises aegis.

Copies of the Munsters sculpts were on display too. The forthcoming kits include a Herman figure on a diorama base and a separate Grandpa on a diorama base. The bases will lock together.

Pegasus Hobbies:

New items from Pegasus are a 1/6 Tarzan figure and large-scale Triceretops and T-Rex. The dinosaur test shots were on display, as was the previously-announced Great White with Diver. These three are tentatively slated for release in the first quarter of 2013. A build up of the long-awaited 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Nautilus was also prominently displayed, complete with interior. Development continues on the Terminator kits (Tank and Hunter/Killer) announced at last year's iHobby.


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