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Hot off the presses - the following is the latest scoop we've been able to uncover. If you know something we don't, drop us a line and let us in on the secret! This page may take a longer time to load than others on the site. Wherever possible, we try to get you images to accompany our news to show you what's happening on the sci-fi/real space modeling horizon.

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Detail that Enterprise-D!

Now available from Tetryon Parts are replacement impulse engines for the overly-square pieces in AMT (Round2)'s 1/1400 USS Enterprise-D kit. These parts feature an overall more accurate, smoother, tapered shape, with engraved panel lines and a hint of engine grille pattern.

For prices and availability -and to see their entire line of detail parts for this kit - please visit the Tetryon Parts website. 02/2015

iHobby 2014 Model News

This year's iHobby Expo, sponsored by the Hobby Manufacturers Association, was held in Schaumburg, IL (October 2-5, 2014). Please note that all release dates - and Suggested Retail Prices (SRP) are tentative and subject to change. All prices are in US dollars. More photos are available over on our Facebook page.

Moebius Models

Moebius 'Questjet' - Quest Labs' Dragonfly SST from Johhny Quest - is nearing release. The kit, which is 12''/ 305mm long when built, should be available late in 2014/early 2015, with a SRP of $35. It will include a display stand with logo decal.

Next up in the Battlestar Galactica line are these 1/72 Vipers and Raider, as well as a 'super-deformed' Viper Mk2. SRP for all the 1/72 fighters is $35, which gets you two complete kits, plus an extensive decal sheet (for the Vipers), in each box. The Viper Mk2 should be available in late 2014, the Viper Mk7 in the first quarter of 2015, and Cylon Raider in the second quarter. The 'egg plane' Viper Mk2' should be available in early 2015, with an SRP of $30. It's a fairly good size - seems larger than the stated 4''/ 102mm length. It will come with a stand. The long-anticipated 1/350 Colonial One should be out in the first quarter of 2015, with an SRP of $40. It's a pretty good size - approximately 10''/ 250mm (that's a guess- I didn't have a ruler with me!) - and well detailed.

Moebius isn't finished with the Battlestar universe just yet. A 1/32 Colonial Raptor is headed for production (there will be a separate weapons back available for it). Other possibilities mentioned are the Heavy Raider, Stealthstar, and Blackbird from the re-imagined series, and the Land Ram and Shuttle from the original series. But those are just possibilities - whether we ever see them on our to-do piles depends on a whole host of factors.

Also in development, for the 50th anniversary of Lost in Space, is a 1/350 Derelict, from the pilot episode. This will include An in-scale Jupiter 2.

The Death Dealer model, based on Frank Frazetta's work, is expected in the third quarter of 2015. No word on SRP as yet.

The first three 1/8 Batman kits from the 1966 series are almost ready. Batman will be available before the end of 2014, Catwoman in the first quarter of 2015, and Robin after her. Catwoman and Robin will have parts for alternate poses. SRP on the kits is $35.

Last but not least, Moebius are working on a Ranger shuttle/lander from the upcoming film Interstellar in 1/72 scale.

Pegasus Hobbies

The 1/32 M.L.E.V.-5 Mars Hopper kit is coming along. Still no official release date. This mammoth kit -based on Randy Cooper's scratchbuild - will stand 16''/ 406mm tall. With over 300 parts, it will include a complete, detailed interior and is engineered for lighting. SRP is expected to be around $180. The kit will only be available online from Pegasus.

The previously-announced 1/32 T-800 Endoskeletons from Terminator 2 now are planned for release in 2015. There will be five figures in each kit.

There's no official release information on the 1/350 Haunebu II UFO kit, other than 'it's coming along'. The 1/24 Spinosaurus dinosaur is BIG! As with their other projects, Pegasus doesn't like to set specific release dates, but it should be available sometime in the first half of 2015. SRP is $80.

Round 2 (AMT/Polar Lights/MPC/Hawk)

Round 2 continues to crank out the sci-fi modeling goodness - re-issues AND new-tool kits. In Star Trek news, the venerable 1/537 'Cut-Away' TOS Enterprise is scheduled for reissue around May, 2015. It looks like this is a straight-up reissue, with no tweaked parts. The 18" (1/650) AMT and 1/1000 Polar Lights TOS Enterprise kits will be bundled together as a 'Build-2-Gether' set, aimed at parents and kids. A mockup of the forthcoming 1/1000 (TOS) Romulan Bird of Prey was on display. This is due in March, 2015. Also shown was the first of a line of pre-finished, snap fit 1/2500 'Ships of the Line' kits, which will include glossy replicas of the calendar art. The dome base line will expand to include a set of 'Small' bases suitable for 1/2500 scale ships. Both kitsets are planned for June 2015 release.

The next set in the 1/2500 Cadet Series will focus on Deep Space 9 ships. This will include a Cardassian Galor-class (new tool), Federation Miranda-class variant USS Saratoga (the existing Reliant with new parts) and a USS Defiant. Release is expected in December 2014. The 1/1000 USS Reliant aztek/markings decals (not pictured) are expected in December 2014 as well.

Also in December 2014, the MPC Eagle-1 Transporter from Space:1999 will be issued in a 'deluxe' version. This will include the spine-mounted booster and a resin Lab Pod, as seen in the episode 'The Metamorph', both mastered by E. James Small.

Other kits coming relatively soon:

  • re-issued 1/32 Classic Batmobile, this time in the Purple aurora-style box (January 2015)
  • re-issued Hawk Vanguard satellite (January 2015)
  • Executive Officer Kane from Alien. This 1/9 scale kit is on track for an April, 2015 release. It's an all-resin kit will that include a base and xenomorph egg. 10/2014

  • More Moebius Model News

    Moebius has announced a 1/72 kit of the "Ranger" shuttle/descent ship from the film "Interstellar". The kit's expected release is March 2015. No images or info on price is available just yet. 10/2014


    The Aurora Sealab kit is highly sought after by collectors and studio-scale scratchbuilders (it was a donor to a lot of movie/TV props in the 70's and 80's). Sadly, the molds were destroyed in 1979.

    Atlantis Toy and Hobby Inc. is considering replicating the kit (and instructions/boxart/decals), which would require all new tooling at an expense of around $30,000 US. To raise this capital, they are looking to run a Kickstarter campaign. They would need at least 600 backers to commit to buying the kit at an estimated $50.00 US to $75.00 US retail price.

    Interested? You can contact Atlantis at:

  • eMail: or telephone +(001) 631-499-6733. 09/2014

  • Upcoming Scout Walker from Industria Mechanica

    Coming later in 2014 is this 1/35 scale 'KRBL-TR-47' [Krabbel-Tiere] Scout Walker design from the mind of concept artist Christophe Desse, creator of the Red Star 47 and Estafette. The resin kit will come with new figures for driver and turret. Final product may vary.

    For more information, please visit the Industria Mechanika website. 07/2014

    ^ ^ Different figures will come with the kit

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