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Paragrafix are releasing two new photo-etched brass sets, one for Moebius’ upcoming Colonial One kit, and the other to fit recent 1/72 X-Wing kits.

The 1/72 X-Wing Fighter set provides boarding ladders for model kits produced by either Bandai or Fine Molds. These ladders can be easily folded by hand without the need of a folding tool. As a bonus, the set also includes inserts for the engine exhausts, making them easier to light. Separate inserts are provided for the two different kits due to differences in size. MSRP is expected to be $14.95 USD (~$18.75 CAN/ € 13.74 EUR)

The 1/350 scale Colonial One Window Templates may be used as either “cladding” over the original kit hull, or as templates for cutting clean, evenly spaced windows into the hull of the ship for subsequent lighting. In addition to every passenger area window location, this set includes window frames for the clear plastic cockpit and lounge windows to make light blocking much easier. Also included are mesh inserts for the main engines to facilitate lighting. MSRP is expected to be $24.95 USD (~$31.26 CAN/ € 22.89 EUR) (currencyy conversion as of 03/2015)

Both sets will be available from a number of hobby retailers, including Starship Modeler. 03/2015

MMI Detail Set for Hasbro's 1/48 Millennium Falcon

MMI is set to release a Photo-etched Grille Detail Set for the 1/48ish HASBRO Millennium Falcon . This detail set consists of 18x resin parts (6x engine inserts, 6x Fan Caps, 6x Retainer Rings) and 9x .006" photo-etched brass parts (6x Exhust Grilles, 3x Loading Arm Vents). This set is to replace the solid, stickered grilles on Hasbro's Falcon toy of Han Solo's hopped-up YT-1300 freighter. This is a Level Two detail set - requires some modification to the toy for installation.

This detail set fits the NEW Hasbro Heroes Series Millennium Falcon toy released in late 2014. It does NOT fit any other Hasbro Falcon.

The set is expected to be available from retailers, including Starship Modeler, by mid-March 2015. 03/2015

Moebius Interstellar Ranger

Moebius have released more details about their upcoming 1/72 kit of the "Ranger" shuttle/descent ship from the film "Interstellar". The model, which will measure over 10''/ 250mm when built, will include landing gear, waterslide decals and a bonus 1/144 ''Ranger'' Launch Module kit.

There is no release date yet; the kit will be available from Starship Modeler (among other retailers).

MSRP is expected to be $ 34.99 USD (~$ 44.32 CAN/€ 32.68 EUR ). 03/2015

Detail that Enterprise-D!

Now available from Tetryon Parts are replacement impulse engines for the overly-square pieces in AMT (Round2)'s 1/1400 USS Enterprise-D kit. These parts feature an overall more accurate, smoother, tapered shape, with engraved panel lines and a hint of engine grille pattern.

For prices and availability -and to see their entire line of detail parts for this kit - please visit the Tetryon Parts website. 02/2015

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