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The Aurora Sealab kit is highly sought after by collectors and studio-scale scratchbuilders (it was a donor to a lot of movie/TV props in the 70's and 80's). Sadly, the molds were destroyed in 1979.

Atlantis Toy and Hobby Inc. is considering replicating the kit (and instructions/boxart/decals), which would require all new tooling at an expense of around $30,000 US. To raise this capital, they are looking to run a Kickstarter campaign. They would need at least 600 backers to commit to buying the kit at an estimated $50.00 US to $75.00 US retail price.

Interested? You can contact Atlantis at:

  • eMail: or telephone +(001) 631-499-6733. 09/2014

  • Molding and Casting Book

    A new, updated Secrets of Expert Mold Making and Resin Casting book is now available. Author Karl Juelch based his original edition on what he learned while apprenticing with a master mold maker and from experiences he had while operating a resin model airplane kit manufacturing business.

    This second edition has been completely revised and updated. Informative text and over 100 highly detailed line drawings guide the reader from the basics to very advanced procedures. Emphasis is on low cost materials and equipment ideally suited to the individual artisan or small business owner.

    The book is softcover, 120 pages, black and white, and is available via Amazon or CreateSpace. Price is $ 19.99 USD (~$ 21.50 CAN/€ 14.85 EUR ). 07/2014

    Upcoming Scout Walker from Industria Mechanica

    Coming later in 2014 is this 1/35 scale 'KRBL-TR-47' [Krabbel-Tiere] Scout Walker design from the mind of concept artist Christophe Desse, creator of the Red Star 47 and Estafette. The resin kit will come with new figures for driver and turret. Final product may vary.

    For more information, please visit the Industria Mechanika website. 07/2014

    ^ ^ Different figures will come with the kit

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