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Hot off the presses - the following is the latest scoop we've been able to uncover. If you know something we don't, drop us a line and let us in on the secret! This page may take a longer time to load than others on the site. Wherever possible, we try to get you images to accompany our news to show you what's happening on the sci-fi/real space modeling horizon.

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T-minus is a space movie set during NASA’s golden age. Set in 1963 at the culmination of Project Mercury. One (fictional) astronaut has to make an extraordinary choice. Life, nature, and NASA itself will align against him: but in the end, he will succeed.

The era is to be painstakingly recreated through practical special effects and physical sets. To make the movie feel like an artifact of its time, it will be shot on 35mm film with absolutely no CGI or green screen. Veterans of practical, in-camera techniques--Bob Keen (Return of the Jedi) and Jim Belohovek (Buckaroo Banzai)--are overseeing the special effects. One key sequence will utilize a rare “Oxberry” animation stand, specially restored for this film.

T-minus will star Cameron Anderson (The Bank Job) as astronaut Benjamin Fletcher, Stella Stocker (Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation) as his wife Victoria, and Tom Virtue (Iron Man 3) as Flight.

Set to shoot this September, T-minus is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to complete its funding. For more information, visit T-minus on Facebook.



RealSpace models have released a model kit of NASA's latest exploratory hero, the New Horizons spacecraft currently sweeping past Pluto and travelling on into the Oort Cloud. The all-resin kit is 1/24 scale and costs $50.00 USD (~$63.73 CAN/ € 45.43 EUR - as of 7/2015). For more information, or to order, please visit the RealSpace Models website.

Image: Another view 07/2015


Glencoe Models have announced the re-issue of the classic Thor ICBM kit. Originally produced by Adams in 1958, this model has never been reissued. The all-plastic kit is 1/87 (H0 scale) and includes 4 figures and the same launch platform as included with the companion Vanguard rocket (which is also planned for reissue). A new, larger decal sheet provides markings for USAF and the RAF versions. for more information and photos, please visit the Glencoe Models website. 07/2015


Spacecraft Creation Models have released a 1/000 scale, full-resin kit of a TOS-era “Super Scout” starship. The kit is comprised of five (5) pressure-cast resin pieces and a waterslide decal sheet with markings for four ships (Cochise, Cygnus, Fletcher and Spock).

Price for the model is $70 USD (~$87.90 CAN/ € 63.06 EUR as of 6/2015) plus postage. eMail Spacecraft Creation Models for availability and shipping costs. 06/2015

Image: Parts & decals


Round 2 have shown a prototype of their forthcoming 22’’ Eagle Transporter from Space:1999. The 1/48 scale kit (which is, at this writing, still pending approval by the license-holder) is based on the 44’’-long studio model used in the first season of the show. It will include spring-loaded landing struts, two pilot figures, and the passenger pod module. Clear parts for the various windows will be included, but aside from the back wall of the command pod (visible through the front windows) no interior for the the pod or passenger module will be provided. A separate detail set is planned, which will include 12 turned-aluminum engine bells and aluminum landing struts. Future detail/add-on kits may be available if sales of the base kit are sufficient.

The base kit, which will be sold under the MPC label, is planned for November 2015 availability (but take that date with a grain of salt!). 06/2015

Image: MPC Sell sheet (PDF)

Image: Larger image


Revell (USA) plans to bring a number of Star Wars kits to the US ahead of Episode VII’s release this winter. First up is a 1/29 scale X-Wing fighter, which until now has only been available in Europe. The snap-together, 65-piece kit builds to 16 3/8'' (416mm) long and features positionable wings and canopy, a pilot figure and a base. Parts are pre-finished in the markings of 'Red 5'.

Revell will also be bringing back 3 of Fine Molds’ kits: 1/48 X-Wing, 1/48 TIE/Fighter and 1/72 Millennium Falcon. These will be manufactured in Japan by Fine Molds, and aside from revised packaging and instructions (ie, in English) will be identical to the previous releases of the kits.

Also enroute are more of Revell (Germany)’s Easy-Kit snap-fit Star Wars subjects, some of which have previously been available here in the USA.

Revell plans for these kits to be available in the USA around September, 2015.

Image: Box-scale X-wing

Image: Formerly Fine Molds trio

Image: The FMMF we know and love.

- 06/2015


3D designer Kenneth Leishman and caster Erin Lantz have teamed up to form Manticore Models. They'll be debuting two new kits at Wonderfest this year, both available at the StarshipModeler tables.

The first is the 1/350 Shih Zhu class Light Attack Craft based on the LACs from the Honor Harrington universe. The Peeps surrendered as a result of these deadly little ships' effectiveness, and now you can own one (or a whole squadron!) to defend your sphere of influence! It has 19 resin parts including a logo base, as well as ALPS printed decals. Model is 7.5" long once built. Price is $40.

Next up is a 1/350 pre-TOS/Romulan War era Earth Minotaur class fighter that can alternatively be built as an Honor Harrington universe LAC fighter using the supplied impeller rings. Compact and well armed, this is just the ship to patrol your shipyards! The Minotaur consists of 4 resin parts, includes color ALPS printed decals for both versions and is 3.75" long once built. Price is $25.

All of our kit masters are rendered to be as accurate as possible and grown on our Formlabs Form1+ SLA printer. All parts are pressure cast using SmoothOn materials. We have many more kits coming soon, including pre-TOS/Romulan War era subjects, Honorverse based capital ships, and even a certain bad guy ship from Farscape we know you'll love. We'll also be doing figures in the future. Join us in the Resin Illuminati/ Florida Peacekeepers Suite at Wonderfest for a sneak peek at our ''sorta secret but not really'' upcoming kit masters. 05/2015

Image: Details


Round 2 have provided an updated release schedule for the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2015. The following kits are expected to be available in the months listed (though, as ever, this is subject to change without notice):

April 2015

  • (AMT) 1/25 Piranha Super Spy Car (this is the "standard" edition without all the goodies included in the first release)
  • (Polar Lights) 1/32 Batmobile in "Aurora-style" purple box, with resin figures
  • (Hawk) Vanguard Satellite
  • As of this posting (4/29) only the Piranha car has arrived at our distributors, so make of it what you will).

    May 2015

  • (Polar Lights) 1/9 Executive Officer Kane (Alien) vignette
  • June 2015

  • (Polar Lights) 1/1000 Romulan Bird of Prey (TOS)
  • (Polar Lights) 1/25 BTTF Delorean (with the railroad wheels)
  • (Polar Lights) Small display base (2" diameter, 2" stand) 3-pack
  • July 2015

  • (Polar Lights) 1/2500 Star Trek Ships of the Line Assortment (USS Enterprise NCC-1701, USS Reliant, USS Defiant, Klingon Bird of Prey). These are pre-finished snap-fit kits.
  • (Polar Lights) Cut-away USS Enterprise (reissue). Will include the now-standard dome base and stand.
  • September 2015

  • (Polar Lights) 1/72 King Kong
  • 04/2015

    Moebius Interstellar Ranger

    Moebius have released more details about their upcoming 1/72 kit of the "Ranger" shuttle/descent ship from the film "Interstellar". The model, which will measure over 10''/ 250mm when built, will include landing gear, waterslide decals and a bonus 1/144 ''Ranger'' Launch Module kit.

    There is no release date yet; the kit will be available from Starship Modeler (among other retailers).

    MSRP is expected to be $ 34.99 USD (~$ 44.32 CAN/€ 32.68 EUR ). 03/2015

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