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11/05 November's free, downloadable wallpaper is based on Terry Miesle's build 1/350 Minotaur craft by Ugh! Models.

I fixed the links database and our Reference Library this week. Now to make the listings more current...

There's some Hobby News as well.

We're expecting our first batch of Revell's newest SW:Force Awakens kits in any day now.

10/16 Ten new entries added to the Reader's Gallery this week.

10/04 October's free, downloadable wallpaper is based on Lucio Aloisi's completely scratchbuilt Christine (on Hoverbike) figure.

09/18 Jime James and I take a look at the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens snap-fit kits from Revell in this today's update.

09/02 September's free, downloadable wallpaper is based on Mike Walston's heavily modified 1/72 War of the Worlds Martian Tripod from Pegasus.

08/29 Having some troubles with my internet connection. I do have a review of Space in Miniature 1.1: The New Scale Spacecraft Primer ... and if you're reading this, it means I finally was able to get it posted!

08/21 Terry Miesle is back to preview several Industria Mechanika kits, including the Odonopter and Long-Nose Submersible in today's update.

08/14 There's another dozen new Reader's Gallery entries in tonight's update.

It's also been a busy week in the Store, with lots of new kits and restocks.

08/03 August's free, downloadable wallpaper is based on the 1/24 New Horizon's space probe Glenn Johnson mastered for Realspace Models.

07/17 There's a dozen new Reader's Gallery entries in tonight's update. I've been adding more hobby news as well, this week.

07/03 July's free, downloadable wallpaper is based on 1/72 SpaceWolf fighters built by Terry Miesle and Neil Prentice. I've been adding a bunch of hobby news as well, and there's a quick review of Polar Lights' new Small Display bases over on the Facebook page (and Google+ page, if you'd rather).

06/26 Jay Chladek is back with a sneak peek at the forthcoming Ranger Transgalactic Survey Craft from the movie Interstellar. I've just received news that our first batch of these kits will be shipping next week (along with, I hope, Polar Light's new 1/1000 Romulan Bird of Prey (TOS).

06/17 I finally figured out how to put together the images and video from Iron Modeler at Wonderfest - and here it is.

06/09 Wonderfest always throws my schedule out of whack - it takes me a good week to unpack, recover, get the Store back in operation, figure out where I put everything.... but I'm finally done. It's a bit late, but June's free, downloadable wallpaper has been posted. We did something a bit different this time - every single entry from last week's Wonderfest is in the picture.

05/14 I was looking for something else when I stumbled upon Adam Rehorn's T.A.P. Gun Fighter kitbash article. I'm not sure why it took so long for me to publish - though I suspect it came in rigt around the time I got this last computer and it just got lost in the shuffle. Anyway - better late than never, right?

05/08 Danny Attree has sent in a photo-essay on how he built and lighted Moebius Models' classic Battlestar Galactica model for today's update.

05/01 May's free, downloadable wallpaper is based on Steve Wheeler's Kestrel scratchbuild. I've also uploaded another dozen "classic" entries in this week's Reader's Gallery update. There was a bit of news this week as well.

04/17 I thought I'd do something a bit different this week with the Reader's Gallery update. The feature started way back in 1998. At that time, we were severely limited as to server space, and so a lot of entries were taken down over the years. Fast forward to 2015, and server space is pretty much unlimited .... so why not bring back all the disappeared galleries? I've started with a full dozen from 1998-1999.

It was a pretty busy week here, with a lot of activity in the Store.

04/06 April's free, downloadable wallpaper is based (appropriately enough) on April Welles' FSS Joan d'Arc kitbash. April is a prolific builder, and you can see a lot more of her work in the Reader's Gallery.

04/02 John Klein builds and details Moebius' 1/32 Colonial Viper Mk II in today's update.

It's been a busy week in the Store, with lots of new kits and restocks.

03/21 A little bit late - I was sick this week - but there are another dozen new entries in the Reader's Gallery.

Many thanks to Marc-Anthony Hourihan for his generous donation to the Starship Modeler Operating Fund.

03/13 Larry Johnson is back with a look at Moebius' 1/8 Classic TV Batman kit. Since it's Friday, I took the opportunity to clean up a couple of Larry's older previews, Improving The Creature From the Black Lagoon and TimeSlip's Colonial Viper Mk VIIE.

I also added some Hobby News this week, and of course there's been a lot of activity in the Store.

03/01 March's free, downloadable wallpaper is based on Mike Walston's X-Wing/TIE Fighter vignette, which you can also see in the Reader's Gallery.

02/27 For Flashback Friday, I've cleaned up and updated our Space: 1999 Reference Page, to go with yesterday's feature on the Deluxe Eagle kit.

02/26 Today, I review Round 2's latest effort, the Deluxe Eagle Transporter kit. I understand this to be a limited-issue kit - I think I'm going to have to pick up a second one before they disappear.

02/13 Here's another blast from the past, newly updated: Keith Brenton's feature on Wireless Illumination - making lighting effects without using elctronics.

02/12 I'm mostly caught up again after our Florida trip, so it's time for another dozen new entries in the Reader's Gallery.

I've also been adding some kit finds to the Pot Luck section of the Store.

02/01 February's free, downloadable wallpaper is based on Matt Jacobson's Æther Eagle from Space: 1899. This model was the 1st place scratchbuild entry in our recent Departures contest.

01/30 The Star Wars Scale Listing is back in operation - now to update the information it contains.

01/28 This one's been in the queue for a while - Peter Ong takes a look at Officine Mache's 1/35 EVO-T Evolution Tank in today's feature.

01/23 Here's another blast from the distant past - one of the very first articles ever posted to Starship Modeler, back when we were still on AOL! (it's actually a two-parter; here's the in-box preview from 1997) I wish I knew where the model was so I could take some better pictures - the ones in the aricle were taken with the first digital camera I had, which wasn't even as good as the Barbie-cam my daughter got for her 3rd birthday less than ten years later...

I know there are other things still broken after our server move last fall, and I'm working on fixing on them as I get the chance. I'm also taking the opportunity to re-format all the old articles, bringing them up to current standards, fixing broken links, refreshing references, etc. There are several thousand to get through, so it's going to take me a while.

It's been a busy week in the Store, with a ton of new stuff as well as restocks. You can check it all out on the Store Update page.

01/22 I've posted twelve new entries in the Reader's Gallery tonight.

01/15 I've seen a lot of questions popping up on Facebook and the like about how to get started lighting your models, so here's a "Throwback Thursday" feature from our archives: Michael Smith's LED Primer for Modelers from 2002. (with updated links). Want more? Browse the extensive archives, and ask your questions at Lighting & Electronics Forum on the Starship Modeler Discussion Forums.

01/14 Jeffrey Griffin builds Moebius' Battlestar Pegasus in tonight's update.

There's quite a lot of new kits, books and accessories in the Store in the last week - you can check out the complete list here; here's the kits that we know are on the way in the near future.

01/07 I thought I'd start the new year off with a blast from the past in the form of January's free, downloadable wallpaper, which is based on my own build of the Starship Modeler Logo Ship kit. This (very limited edition) kit was the result of our 2001-2002 contest to build a physical representation of the ship in the Starship Modeler logo.

When I went to set up the links to that contest, I discovered it had disappeared from the site! I guess I can see how that happened - after all, we've moved between 4 internet hosts in the last 12 years, and in a site as sprawling as this one, things get lost. No biggie - I have everything archived here at Pan-Halactic HQ. Except, I didn't - though I still had the images, the page had vanished here too (Crap! How did that happen?!). Fortunately, the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine had archived a copy, and after a morning spent stripping out all the junk code, it's back online.

I know there are lots of broken links, and broken pages, scattered throughout the site. I spend at least an hour a day, as many days a week as I can, working at fixing those problems. It's a monumental task though, given the sheer number of articles and entries posted over 18+ years. You can help - if you see something that's broke (besides the Links and Star Wars scales pages, I know about those), drop me a line and tell me the URL of the page, and the link that no longer works.

November 30

1962 Daniel Keys Moran, author, born.

1937 Ridley Scott, director, born (Blade Runner, Alien).


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