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05/13 This was supposed to go up yesterday as a ##tbt --- but "the best laid plans of mice and men.... ", and all that. Anyway, I guess the dozen or so vintage Reager Gallery entries I just posted are now "Flashback Friday" entries.

It's been a busy wek in the Store - and it's not over yet, so stay tuned for more new stuff and restock announcements.

05/03 I've been working on this update for a week (You guys know how that goes - get started on something, mama want you to do this, kid needs help with the homework, cat pukes up all the houseplants she ate 5 minutes ago and you're the only one who can clean up the mess... the list goes on, doesn't it?) So it's more than one update, actually --- and that doesn't count all the updates I've been doing under the #TBT (See Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr - you get the drift).

Anywho - I did a review of Atlantis Model's Sighting Over Monument Valley UFO kit - mostly to do a youtube video review, but also - and I can't stress this enough - because it's a fun kit.

May's free, downloadable wallpaper is based on Duncan Scott's 1/72 Gunstar built from the Black Sun kit.

I've got a huge pile of model kits clogging the entry way - Monday was a big day for restocks - so stay tuned for those going in the Store.

04/01 April's free, downloadable wallpaper is based on Konrad Horsztynski's 1/72 T-65 X-Wing built from the Bandai kit.

03/30 Our scale modeling events calendar has been broken for a while - another victim of the last server move. I've finally gotten a chance to fix it - and started populating show dates again (starting with April 2016).

Blast From The Past: Way back in 1999, long before the there was a big, shiny, very accurate mass-production Space:1999 Eagle kit available, Jack Wendt super-detailed and accurized the old 1/72 MPC Eagle - and he did it on a budget.

03/24 Twelve "classic" entries have been posted to the Reader's Gallery this week. These are models from 1998 or so that I originally had to take down because we ran out of room on the server at the time. since that's no longer an issue, I'm bringing everything back (slowly, of course).

03/11 Twelve new entries added to the Reader's Gallery this week.

There have been some discussions online about how frequently the Reader's Gallery is updated. Here's the deal: with Facebook, tumblr, Instagram, etc. available, people just aren't sending as many entries in to Starship Modeler. Want to see more entries here? You gotta send them in!

03/02 March's free, downloadable wallpaper is based on Brad Guy's 1/32 scale old-school Cylon Raider built from the Moebius kit.

I'm told that Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller have sold out the entire print run of their Modelling the Eagle book. Another run is being done right now, but it will be two-three weeks before we have another batch of books.

02/05 Today I take a look at the debut resin model kit offering from Ugh! MOdels, a 1/350 Shi-Tzu class Light Attack Craft (LAC). There's a bunch of new stuff and restocks in the Store as well.

02/02 February's free, downloadable wallpaper is based on a scratchbuilt Endeavor from "Rendezvous with Rama" built by Jonathan Billington.

There's a bunch of new stuff (and restocks) in the Store, too.

01/21 Today I take a look at a new how-to guide from FSM's Aaron Skinner: Airbrushing for Scale Modelers.

01/03 January's free, downloadable wallpaper is based on a 1/72 resin McQuarrie X-Wing built by Brad Hair.

12/22 There's a bunch of news added to Hobby News page. Lots of new stuff and restocks in the Store, too.

Many thanks to Roman Lapinski for his generous donation to the Starship Modler Operating Fund.

A head's up - I'm expecting MPC's new 1/48 Space 1999: Eagle to hit in the next week or two; the Revell Master Series TIE Fighter and X-Wing should be here by Christmas Eve. We should have a shipment from Japan by Monday or Tuesday next week. So keep your eyes on our Twitter feed for updates!

12/02 December's free, downloadable wallpaper is based on a kitbashed Imperial Guard TIE by Doug Scott.

New kits have been arriving almost daily since Thanksgiving - check out all the wholesome modeling goodness here.

11/05 November's free, downloadable wallpaper is based on Terry Miesle's build 1/350 Minotaur craft by Ugh! Models.

I fixed the links database and our Reference Library this week. Now to make the listings more current...

There's some Hobby News as well.

We're expecting our first batch of Revell's newest SW:Force Awakens kits in any day now.

10/16 Ten new entries added to the Reader's Gallery this week.

10/04 October's free, downloadable wallpaper is based on Lucio Aloisi's completely scratchbuilt Christine (on Hoverbike) figure.

09/18 Jime James and I take a look at the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens snap-fit kits from Revell in this today's update.

09/02 September's free, downloadable wallpaper is based on Mike Walston's heavily modified 1/72 War of the Worlds Martian Tripod from Pegasus.

08/29 Having some troubles with my internet connection. I do have a review of Space in Miniature 1.1: The New Scale Spacecraft Primer ... and if you're reading this, it means I finally was able to get it posted!

08/21 Terry Miesle is back to preview several Industria Mechanika kits, including the Odonopter and Long-Nose Submersible in today's update.

08/14 There's another dozen new Reader's Gallery entries in tonight's update.

It's also been a busy week in the Store, with lots of new kits and restocks.

08/03 August's free, downloadable wallpaper is based on the 1/24 New Horizon's space probe Glenn Johnson mastered for Realspace Models.

07/17 There's a dozen new Reader's Gallery entries in tonight's update. I've been adding more hobby news as well, this week.

07/03 July's free, downloadable wallpaper is based on 1/72 SpaceWolf fighters built by Terry Miesle and Neil Prentice. I've been adding a bunch of hobby news as well, and there's a quick review of Polar Lights' new Small Display bases over on the Facebook page (and Google+ page, if you'd rather).

06/26 Jay Chladek is back with a sneak peek at the forthcoming Ranger Transgalactic Survey Craft from the movie Interstellar. I've just received news that our first batch of these kits will be shipping next week (along with, I hope, Polar Light's new 1/1000 Romulan Bird of Prey (TOS).

06/17 I finally figured out how to put together the images and video from Iron Modeler at Wonderfest - and here it is.

06/09 Wonderfest always throws my schedule out of whack - it takes me a good week to unpack, recover, get the Store back in operation, figure out where I put everything.... but I'm finally done. It's a bit late, but June's free, downloadable wallpaper has been posted. We did something a bit different this time - every single entry from last week's Wonderfest is in the picture.

I know there are lots of broken links, and broken pages, scattered throughout the site. I spend at least an hour a day, as many days a week as I can, working at fixing those problems. It's a monumental task though, given the sheer number of articles and entries posted over 18+ years. You can help - if you see something that's broke (besides the Links and Star Wars scales pages, I know about those), drop me a line and tell me the URL of the page, and the link that no longer works.

May 25

1983 Star Wars Return of the Jedi theatrical release.

2005 Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith released.

1973 9:00 am EST Skylab 2 launched. Pete Conrad, Paul Weitz & Joseph Kerwin. 1st crew to visit the Skylab space station. Flight duration 28 days 0 hrs 49 min 49 sec.

1979 Alien theatrical release US.

1977 Star Wars (now Episode 4: A New Hope) released in US theaters.

1953 It Came From Outer Space theatrical release US


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