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09/05 Today I have a look at Moebius' new Colonial Raptor & Raptor Armament Set kits.

09/02 September's free, downloadable wallpaper is based on Ken Takahashi's Space Battleship Yamato, super-detailed with photoetch and a lighting set.

08/04 July was a rough month. We had a hurricane hit - here in Illinois, thousands of miles from the ocean - and the shop was flooded. Insurance ended up paying for all the losses, but still - it was a lot of work for very little reward.

We're back up and running now. New stuff and restocks in the store, and here's August's free, downloadable wallpaper, based on the Dave "the Kat" Lewis' USS Miranda.

07/04 I guess it would help if I actually announced the updates ..... first, July's free, downloadable wallpaper is based on the Bill Krause's USS Repulse.

June was a busy month behind the scenes. I sent out a newsletter with all the details - you can read it here if you did not receive the eMail.

Many thanks to Peter Briggs and Phillip Thompson for their generous donations to the Starship Modeler Operation Fund.

06/02 June's free, downloadable wallpaper is based on the Tom Grossman's Apollo 27.

Programming note: we're at Wonderfest in Louisville this weekend. I am going to try to live stream some of the events, including the Iron Modeler awards. Keep an eye on Starship Modeler's Facebook page for updates.

05/02 MAy's free, downloadable wallpaper is based on the Rich Dula's Colonial Defender.

Many thanks to Jeffrey Goldader for his generous donation to the Starship Modeler Operation Fund.

04/12 The Forums are back online - yay!

04/10 Update on the Forums: we know what broke (the hosting company updated to a new version of php. As did other ISPs, and were not the only site down hard as a result - scant comfort, but there's that). We're hard at work fixing it.

04/09 Yes, I know the Forums are down. The ISP did something over the weekend and broke everything. Tech support is useless on the weekends, so I'll have to take a day off from work tomorrow or Tuesday to figure it out.

04/02 April's free, downloadable wallpaper is baed on the Dave Guertin's 1/72 SpaceDev dreamchaser.

03/15 A dozen brand new entries have been uploaded to the Reader Gallery tonight.

03/01 Looks like I haven't been keeping up all that well with this page - sorry about that! There have been updates since the first of the year, but I guess I posted them everywhere else...

Anyway, March's free, downloadable wallpaper is baed on the Revell 1/100 Rebel U-Wing as detailed and repainted by by Robert Schmitt.

01/05 A dozen "lost" entries re-added to the Reader Gallery tonight.

01/02 Huh. It looks like all of December's updates on this page have disappeared - probably releated to the new computer and all the files I had to move.

Anyway, January's free, downloadable wallpaper is based on Justin "Bluesman" Miller's Colonial Viper. Justin passed away just before Christmas - rest in peace, my friend.

It's been a very, very busy couple of weeks in the Store -- too many new additions and restocks to note here, so just head on over to the Store Update page to see them all.

11/07 I've had problems with our ISP all weekend, trying to figure out why none of the new material I posted has shown up. I think it's fixed now.

11/03 November's free, downloadable wallpaper is based on Danny Attree's lighted Prison ship London (from the BBC series "Blake's 7").

10/27 Had some troubles with the upload, but finally was able to post another dozen vintage Gallery entries today.

10/05 October's free, downloadable wallpaper is up.

There have been updates since mid-September, but I keep posting them on the Facebook, etc. and falling asleep before I get them here. So.... just FYI, I guess.

09/15 Posted a dozen vintage Gallery entries today.

September 25

1968 Will Smith, actor, born (Independence Day, MIB I & II).

1952 Mark Hamill, actor, born (Star Wars IV-VI).

1987 first episode of Beauty and the Beast airs


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