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Your Two Cents: 22nd Century Romulan Bird of Prey

The following are reader's opinions of the 22nd Century Romulan Bird of Prey made by Starcrafts.

Reviewer   George Fordyce
Date Reviewed   Mar 1, 2004
Overall Rating       Well worth getting.
Comments To start the parts were well detailed when I opened the box.I was very pleased with the way the parts fit together.I hardly had to use any super glue for each piece.The only thing that took the longest was the detailing and painting of the ship and the nacelles.The nacelles had to have 3 coats of paint to cover the areas properly,because when the light hit the clear green parts that come with the kit you could see where the light was bleeding through the nacelle.and when it became time to do the windows I took a straight pin and dipped it into the white paint to get the window color applied,but you must be real careful not to put too much paint on the pin,because if you do you will have to repaint that area.But if you are careful and put just enough paint on the tip of the pin,you will be fine.The impulse engine under the wing I had to mix 3 parts insignia yellow by testor model masters and 1 part pale green model masters paint to get the color of the nacelle according to the picture on the kit box of the model.I will give this kit a 5 across the board,nice job Starcrafts.

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