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Your Two Cents: C-57D Starcruiser

The following are reader's opinions of the C-57D Starcruiser made by Polar Lights.

Reviewer   Mark Myers
Date Reviewed   Jun 4, 2001
Overall Rating       Well worth getting.
Comments Outstanding kit!I have completed this kit and have to say i only wish Polar Lights put as much thought into the Jupiter 2.What's next?Hopefully the saucer from The Day the Earth Stood Still,A large scale Seaview (Tv version)!Great job Polar Lights!

Reviewer   Allen Valentine
Date Reviewed   Jun 1, 2001
Overall Rating       Well worth getting.
Comments The first true saucer model that you can get your hands on! You will be amazed at the size! Now if I can figure out where to put it! Polar Lights spent a lot of time on this baby- research,details are all great. This is the one to get! If you don`t you will be labeled a geek the rest of your life! I just wish that Polar Lights would do this good on the other movie models they produce!

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