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Your Two Cents: NASA X-38

The following are reader's opinions of the NASA X-38 made by Muroc Models.

Reviewer   John Calhoun
Date Reviewed   Sep 3, 2001
Overall Rating       Well worth getting.
Comments I bought this model last year when I first heard about its availability. I am a big "lifting body" fan.

It is, as described, a resin kit. It is comparable to the kits produced by Collect-Aire (which I consider to be above average quality). Perhaps even, it is slightly better than the kits I've received from Collect-Aire.

The detail is brilliant. The model accurate. The pieces (few that there are) fit together with precision.

If I had any qualm it is with the scale of the model. It is a little small and thus difficult to work on. Still, you saw from the reviewer's photos what an expert modeller can do with this kit.

BTW, I opted *not* to put on the little "streamer" decals (thos little strips of cloth that show sirflow on test vehicles).

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