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Your Two Cents: Mini-Dioramas

The following are reader's opinions of the Mini-Dioramas made by Skyhook Models.

Reviewer   Ray Gratrix
Date Reviewed   Apr 11, 2001
Overall Rating       Well worth getting.
Comments I have built the Day the Earth Stood Still diorama, and have in hand the Earth vs. the Flying Saucers. While the kits are small, they are of very high quality; the resin work is excellent. The service from Skyhook is also excellent; I got them within 2-3 working days from when I hit the Pay-Pal button.

I find that it is a lot of fun and somewhat therapeutic to occasionally build a kit that is small, goes together fast, is fun, and maybe even a bit silly. The Hasagawa "Egg Planes" and Testor's "Weird-Ohs" for instance. These kits from Skyhook are in that category. I suppose those with AMS could super detail even these small dioramas, but why? With a fairly small amount of time and effort you can have a suprisingly good looking diorama that doesn’t use up a lot of your shelf space. I plan on building all of them.

Reviewer   Marco Scheloske
Date Reviewed   Apr 25, 2002
Overall Rating       Good kit, but with some problems.
Comments I built the War of the Worlds-diorama (you can see it in the pictures of the review), and i enjoyed it very much.

Compared to the Forbidden-planet dio this one is harder to build: You have to drill some very small holes for the stands of the martian war machines as well as for the "cobra-heads" of the machine which has to be created by yourself - material to make them is in the kit, but the wire has to be cut and bent into the correct shape, and the cobra-head must be sculpted. All you must do is explained in the instruction-sheet, but this kit is NOT for a beginner!

The resin is a bit weak, but good detailed. Be carefull when you sand the war machines, because you can very easily damage them.

The real highlight are the tanks (casted in pewter). Incredibly detailed for that size! I painted one with daylight-reflecting color so it looks like it is going to be desintegrated by the martian "death-ray".

All the material you need to finish that dio is provided with the kit, including some grass and bushes.

A nice weekend project, and an eyecatcher too! Recommended for medium to advanced modelers.

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