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Your Two Cents: Limited Edition B-Wing

The following are reader's opinions of the Limited Edition B-Wing made by Scale Model Technologies.

Reviewer   Christopher D. Kelley
Date Reviewed   Jun 24, 2002
Overall Rating       Well worth getting.
Comments I have purchased a few kits from SMT and I am very pleased with the B-wing. The scale is awesome. The complete kit fits near perfectly. I had nothing to complain about except for a minor detail on the cockpit glass. This was foggy and made the idea of detailing the interior kinda pointless. But other than that, the SMT kits are the most fun I have had building models in some time. The resin parts are awesome, easily sanded. and glue together solid. You get what you pay for, So I'd say your getting more than your money's worth. Try scratchbuilding a model like this and see how much you spend. Thanks to SMT for giving us Star Wars fans A new hope for modeling.. Chris K

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