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Your Two Cents: 1/2500 Constellation-class

The following are reader's opinions of the 1/2500 Constellation-class made by TM Lindsey.

Reviewer   Andy Henshaw
Date Reviewed   Nov 18, 2003
Overall Rating       Well worth getting.
Comments Scale: 1/2500 - about 4"/10cm when completed
Parts: 10 resin
Instructions: 1 page
Decals: None
Molding Quality: 10
Detail: 10
Accuracy: 8.5
MSRP: Retails at $24.95 US available from TM Lindsey
Overall Rating: 9.5 - A great little kit.

This is TM Lindseys 1/2500 scale "Constellation class Starship".

Tim was kind enough to supply me with this kit, for review purposes, for free after I assured him that it would not influence my review in any way :-) It was well packaged for shipping and arrived in perfect condition. Shipping and packageing = 10/10.

The ten part model includes a base but you need to supply your own metal rod to mount the model on the base. It is molded in the commonly used light cream resin that most Garage companys use now days. I dont like this resin on larger kits as it has a tendency to warp, but on the 1/2500 scale Constellation, it is perfect. Not a bubble or pit could be located. All parts are clean and free of flash or mold lines. The parts fit is very clean with little, to no gaps evident. Minimal putty in the seams will be required. There were no decals included in the kit, but these where promised at a later date on the instructions. Still no news on when the decals will be released, which is why this model still sits unpainted (other than the base coat) on my workbench. The detail on this kit is exceptional. Pictures paint a thousand words:-) Model construction and materials = 10/10.

The accuracy of this model is pretty good considering the size/scale of this kit, and the reference material available when this model was first mastered. Although, it can afford a bit of tweaking if you feel so inclined. If you dont want to do any mods though, it is a VERY acceptable representation of the studio model. I've made a few small mods on my kit- see if you can notice what I've changed by comparing the unpainted model pics, with the primered model pics. Accuracy = 8.5/10.

The model went together very easily in a few hours (including glue drying time :-) Follow the instructions, and make a jury rigged "Jig" out of books or magazines to glue the nacelles on straight. Ease of build = 8/10

Overall, this is a very good kit suitable for everyone from the advanced, to the very novice builder. Would like to see some decals for the 1/2500 scale TM Lindsey kits, but otherwise, you will never regret getting this kit. Overall I'd give it a 9.5 out of 10 or on the Starship Modeler dot com scale, 5 stars.

  • In the bag.
  • Some of the parts
  • Some of the details
  • Another view of the parts
  • The stand
  • Post modification
  • No modifications done on the top...yet:-)

  • Reviewer   Dexter Parker
    Date Reviewed   Jan 26, 2004
    Overall Rating       Well worth getting.
    Comments Very impressed with this kit,the quality and detail are the best I have seen in a kit of this scale. A must have for your 1/2500 scale kits. I would give this kit ten stars if I could, Well done TM Lindesy.

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