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Your Two Cents: Colonial Marines' APC

The following are reader's opinions of the Colonial Marines' APC made by Halycon.

Reviewer   KolaBear
Date Reviewed   Jan 1, 2001
Overall Rating       Well worth getting.
Comments Absolutely outstanding! Job well done. I'm a huge fan of the 'Aleins' genre and I too, have an APC kit sitting on the shelf. This gives me renewed inspiration to finish mine. The attention to detail is excellent and now I know how to find E.Q. for my own kit. I have only one belly ache, however. The original APC was built around an aircraft tow vehicle and the screen size vs. interior size is WAY off. Because of this, the interior couldn't possibly house any 'real life' needed mechanics (drive shaft, diffy, trany, let alone a deisel engine) AND 10 marines and an LT. command seat. We need an engineer to help out on this size/area vs. mass problem.

Reviewer   Rick Lombardi
Date Reviewed   Jun 4, 2001
Overall Rating       Good kit, but with some problems.
Comments It's a good kit, because for Aliens lovers, it's basically the only game in town. Surface detail and castings are okay but not great. Most components look passable. Dimensionally, it seems to match up with the "real" version as far as I can tell. Some of the large castings were warped in the box and had to be worked a lot to straighten them out. Generally parts fit is okay, but get yourself some body putty if you're a prefectionist. I'm doing so much scratchbuilding, I'm just making sure my parts fit better than the kit's. I am in the process of doing a full interior (yes - it CAN be done folks - almost exactly like the movie version) with extensive scratchbuilding, kitbashing and design work involved. I took a great deal of time watching the movie, freeze framing, sketching, rechecking, etc. etc. and I think I have the interior layout nailed. I've always liked the APC and the kit for the most part does it justice - nice if the out-of-the-box version would have four wheel steering like my modified one does. If anybody is interested in my interior concept, eMail me.

Reviewer   PJ Hart
Date Reviewed   Aug 20, 2002
Overall Rating       Good kit, but with some problems.
Comments I have to say this Kit turned out to be a little less than what I had hoped for. I actually own the AEF marine figures and they are a little small in comparison to the APC, also the ground clearance of the vehicle is a little to high in comparison. As a kit by itself tho I think It's a good all round job. A little putty was needed here in there ( I found the bottom front needed the most) and the lack of guiding pins was a little hassle. My main gripe is actually with the marine figures as the poses they come in arent very exciting and also don't leave much room for conversion.

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