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Your Two Cents: HG Freedom Gundam

The following are reader's opinions of the HG Freedom Gundam made by Bandai.

Reviewer   Aaron
Date Reviewed   Jun 17, 2005
Overall Rating       Well worth getting.
Comments This freedom gundam is the best freedom gundam I ever saw.It really looks like it was used in the military!

Reviewer   justin
Date Reviewed   Dec 19, 2005
Overall Rating       Not good at all. You really have to want it bad.
Comments Hey here's the very lousy kit i got here when it's not painted. but once you paint it, its not too bad, but still not good. the plasma cannons are way too short, but the ones on the hips are not too bad except that they need painting.the beam rifle was the worst part, not in the right colours, not even in black, but in grey!!! if you want to spend some money on a good kit, i suggest you put in another ten or twenty dollars for a 1/100 HGGS freedom gundam.

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