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Your Two Cents: Surak-class Starship

The following are reader's opinions of the Surak-class Starship made by Nova Hobbies.

Reviewer   George Fordyce
Date Reviewed   Mar 5, 2005
Overall Rating       Good kit, but with some problems.
Comments I received my kit after waiting almost 2 months,but worth the wait I guess.I really like this kit but it did have several problems,the first problem I had was trying to find the correct paint to paint this kit.I went to 3 different hobby stores in my area before I found something close to the paint recommended for this kit.The second problem I had was after I painted the kit trying to get the ring to align with the body of the kit,the piece was too big for the hole that was pre-drilled on the kit I had the make it bigger,then the small piece that goes in the bottom of the kit crumbled in my hands,I had to take green putty(lovely stuff)to fix this disaster,but successful.The final problem was where to put the wire for display purposes,because where nova hobbies site shows the wire it is in the fron,well I did not personally think it should go there because it hides the detail work done on the windows,so I put it through the ring on the bottom and it turned out real nice.All in All I give this a 4,it is a nice resin kit and very easy for the novice modeler.

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