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Your Two Cents: Klingon D-7

The following are reader's opinions of the Klingon D-7 made by Polar Lights.

Reviewer   Martin Burkey
Date Reviewed   Feb 26, 2004
Overall Rating       Good kit, but with some problems.
Comments 4 stars with some perceived/potential problems would be more accurate. Bulletin board threads here and on Polar Lights' site go on and on about the scale, and I'm not sure what the truth is. An unexpected bonus is the inclusion of a hangar deck with a floor decal. You could choose to leave the roof off or just open the hangar door and make your own little Klingon or Romulan shuttle. I had no trouble at all aligning the disruptor beam in the primary hull before I sealed the 2 halves together. The parts breakdown is nice if you want to paint them separately before glueing. The primary hull/boom angle problem is easily fixed by first cutting off the lip of the snap-fit feature on the rear of the boom and aligning properly. On my kit the left and right triangular rear sections of the boom are contoured differently, perhaps the short shot John referred to in his review. A few passes with a file help make it less obvious. I also question the height of the 2 J-shaped pieces atop the secondary hull and may yet trim the alignment tabs to lower them. Because of the clean design, the TOS D7 is a great kit for extra detailing and alternative markings. JBOT makes some good markings, notably including a blue-feathered 'storm bird' and metallic impulse engine exhausts.

Reviewer   Martin Burkey
Date Reviewed   Apr 13, 2004
Overall Rating       Good kit, but with some problems.
Comments Some added thoughts now that all the major parts are together and I'm on round 2 of filling and sanding:

1. Your choices are use the snap-fit features and deal with fit and alignment problems on almost every component, or cut/grind off some/all of the snap-fit features and deal with fit and alignment problems.

2. Aside from the much-discussed scale and proportion problems that I can't verify, it builds into a nice replica of the TV Klingon D7 and looks just right beside the Polar Lights TV Enterprise kit. The hanger bay is a nice bonus and looks better tricked out with some tiny shuttles and a few windows.

Reviewer   Gary Kleisley
Date Reviewed   Nov 8, 2004
Overall Rating       Good kit, but with some problems.
Comments I was so excited about seeing this kit in the local toy store that I bought two. One to be Klingon and one to be Romulan.The kits had a few problems assembling but it is worth getting.

Reviewer   Tyler Robbins
Date Reviewed   Jan 23, 2006
Overall Rating       Good kit, but with some problems.
Comments I heard that this kit was coming out and I had to get it to go with the 'Enterprise'. The things said about this kit, good or bad, are absolutely true. A few good points:

The assembly of this kit is generally good, with only a few problem areas.

There are chrome parts that were unexpected in a kit this cheap, but they are welcome.

There is a complete shuttle-bay in the Impulse section, but the door is molded in place, nothing a little cutting and sanding won't fix.

And a few bad points:

The chrome parts for the engines, the ones that are supposed to snap into the 'wings', don't fit into their slots very well, but this is really a minor issue since most people will prefer to glue this kit together.

The impulse deck wont lay down absolutely flat on the upper hull without cutting the allignment pins off and sanding it so it will fit flush.

One of the supports near the base of the boom where it attaches to the main hull is bigger than the other and consequently will push the boom slightly to the left.

Really though, I would recommend this kit to anyone, regardless of their skill level, as it makes a great starting kit, and provides a good place to practice puttying and painting skills, considering the paint scheme only consists of, at most, three colors. All in all, a great kit.

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